Our hospital was founded on the 5th of January 1973 and is a family business in the second generation today.

Our aim: low cost and high quality treatment of sick an injured companion animals:
Dogs, cats, pet animals, exotic animals and birds.

Beside routine services our main focus lies on radiological diagnostics, soft tissue surgery, orthopedic- and neurosurgery.

For the training of young veterinarians the institute for veterinary education
( Institut für Tierärztliche Fortbildung ) is located in the same building.
On weekends seminars take place to practice the latest developments in modern surgery. Seminar languages are German, English, Hebrew and French.

We actively support international cooperation.

Tierärztliches Institut für angewandte Kleintiermedizin
Tierärztliche Gemeinschaft für ambulante und klinische Therapien
Dirk Schrader I dr. Steven-F. Schrader I dr. Ifat Meshulam I Rudolf-Philipp Schrader I dr. Itamar Tsur